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Classically trained as a jazz vocalist, Aïscha Traïdia has found her true voice as a soul-jazz crossover-artist. And what a voice indeed. Cristal clear, soulful and always upbeat. The charismatic but humble diva could entertain a crowd with her banter only, but her love for music will ensure a night of sweet soul music.

Her repertoire is as diverse as it is natural. She mastered the timeless songs of nu-soul legends like Erykah Badu and Jill Scott, as well as classics by the likes of Whitney Houston and Aretha Franklin. She also taps into contemporary jazz, with songs by artists such as Esperanza Spalding. She even manages to surprise with her own material, of her soon to be released debut-LP.

So lay back, relax and listen to the pure soul and jazz groove of Aïscha and her band. And before you know it, you just can’t stop snapping your fingers and tapping your feet.

Aischa Traidia
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