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The 3rd Man

To avoid any misconceptions, this night does not feature a screening of the 1949 Orson Welles film. Quite the contrary. 3rd Man is no less than a rock ‘n roll supergroup, with some of the finest rock ‘n rollers Holland and Belgium have to offer.

This three-piece have seen it all, played with pretty much everyone that matters and don’t hesitate for a second to show the fruits of their efforts on stage. From tearjerking ballads to all out rock anthems, their intensity renders everybody with a pulse helpless.

All three bring their vocal skills to the table. Drummer Guzz Genser, best known for his work with Herman Brood’s Wild Romance and Jan Akkerman founded this group with guitarist Jo de Roeck and bass player Carlos Lake (Anouk, VanVelzen).

This is the only scheduled gig so far, so don’t miss out on this night of pure rock ‘n roll!

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