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Consisting of Adrian L. Tonceanu aka “Fuser” (Vocals/Guitars), Igor Laze (Vocals/Guitars), James Rose aka “Just Jones” (Drums/Backup Vocals) and Dan Ayalon (Bass/Backup Vocals) Morre was born in early 2008 in Toronto Canada, by the common thirst of creating an original, dynamic yet accessible sound. 

This band has a unique story behind its upbringing. Traveling through different parts of the world, each member endured hardships as artists, as well as the joys of meeting new characters throughout their journeys. These elements give the band endless topics and depth to their lyrical and musical content. Combining dark, mystical themes with camp-fire vibe, this band will trigger a wide range of emotions in their listeners. With a deeply rooted musical knowledge these four rockers managed to craft an elaborate yet easily digestible sound of their own, using auxiliary instruments, vintage organ and recording methods. 

Morre’s influences are so vast that it’s hard to place them in a category of recycled rock. Though they are a classic rock band, it’s almost like they found a fresh sound that was not explored. If one was to describe the band’s style, the closest ancestors would be Paint It Black (The Rolling Stones) and Kashmir (Led Zeppelin). 

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