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La Frica

Afrobeat, reggae, soul and R&B. That’s what this night is going to be all about. We’re taking you back to the motherland with La Frica!

Samir and Peter Sid Bashir, otherwise known as The Bashir Brothers, have been part of the Bourbon Street family for many years, having played with a wide array of musicians. They adapt to every style, from blues to funk, from reggae to soul and everything in between. Tonight, they get their African vibe on, as the backing band of Malawi born singer Danny Kalima. This accomplished and decorated vocalist and songwriter achieved everything there was to achieve in his homeland and decided to try his luck in The Netherlands. Peter and Samir, having an eye for talent such as Danny’s quickly springed into action and gave the man a place in the spotlight. With the amazing Liber Torriente on drums, this is going to be a night of funky, tropical goodness!

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