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Kwame Binea Shakedown

Kwame Binea is a self-proclaimed rocker to the core, but he has peppered his own brand of ‘roots rock’ which embodies his fertile and cultural diverse personal saga. It’s a fusion of rhythmic rock ‘n roll, a tad of folk and ample dosage of infectious funk, silky soul, screaming blues and enough full throttle energy and unbridled passion to light up a city block for a night.

Growing up in West London, he moved to Cherry Hill, New Jersey as a teenager before setting up home in New York City to unearth his artistic aspirations as a burgeoning singer and songwriter. ‘My music is organic’, says Kwame. ‘It embodies life, love and struggles. I’m driven by my mantra of ‘peace, love and positivity’, so that propels and drives the messages for most of my lyrical content. It’s also party music and danceable, so if our music moves you and makes you move, that’s a great night’.

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