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    Soleil Eijken spends her weekdays as a successful event planner, but if it were up to us, she would spend as many weekends as possible at our stage as the lead singer in band. Because if you can’t let it all hang out after a long week of hard work and no play, especially to the sounds of the finest in 90’s R&B, soul and pop, then we’re very sorry, but we simply can’t help you. Even though Soleil has the talent and skills of an accomplished vocalist, she made the switch to front woman relatively late. Better late than never, one might say, but all the more reason to enjoy the fact that she gets to work with some of the finest musicians the Amsterdam scene has to offer. And it should come as no surprise that the Bashir Brothers, Peter and Samir were once again the ones to introduce a hidden but undeniably talented gem. Long story short, rest assured that we’ve got your weekends covered for the coming time. Soleil and her guys will be treating you to some essential hits from Blackstreet, Beyoncé, Bruno Mars and many other legends whose name does not start with a b. Their next Friday gigs are on March 6th and April 3rd. We’re not stopping you!




    Bass player Minas Vakaloudis grew up in Thessaloniki, Greece, along with another gifted musician you might be familiar with: Nikos Tsop. To this day, the two friends are playing together in bands. Of course, one of them is the formation around Mr. Tsop himself. In this International formation, they explore the boundaries of blues alongside the Uruguayan guitarist Pablo Minoli and the Aruban drummer Daniel Camacho. In doing so, they like to cross over to funk. Actually, the gigs of this four-piece have become more and more eclectic, bass-heavy, and most of all, funky as hell. And even though the guitar still rightfully steals the show, Vakaloudis manages to put his mark on the sound more than ever, with his thumping, danceable and groovy bass lines on the one. The likeable, though stoic bassist always looks laidback, but his influence and skills are clear as day. If you didn’t know that you can dance your butt of to the blues, than you clearly haven’t seen Nikos and Minas before. Your next chance to see them live is on Friday, January 18th!




    Pianist Kyle Winklaar, originally from Aruba developed and nurtured his love for classical music, afro-latin, reggae, hip hop and R&B on this sunny isle. The combination of all these styles not only led him to become a jazz musician, but also was a goal in itself, as this eclectic range of genres makes him an even more complete musician. He strives for exploration of as many styles as possible, and making them his own. Experimentation is the ideal way to get to know a wide ranging pallet of sounds and compositions. The talented pianist graduated from the Fontys Conservatorium, and not long after, he was a valued band member of acts like Giovanca Ostiana, Gijs Anders van Stralen, Vernon Chatlein, Bernard van Rossum en Jean-Jacques Rojer. Besides performing in these and many more groups, he works hard on creating his own compositions and arrangements. Want to see this extraordinary artist in action? Drop by on Friday, January 17th, as El Collective Camacho turns this cold winter month into a Caribbean wonderland full of latin, pop, funk and jazz!




    The Haarlem-based bass player, Marc Sokpolie has been showcasing his skills in various soul, funk and R&B formations in Bourbon Street. Soon, you can see him as the backbone of the fresh, new formation The Boogie Night Crew. The artists that have inspired him te most will surely blend into the mix, artists like Donny Hathaway, Curtis Mayfield, George Clinton, and The Isley Brothers, among many others. But, like most gifted musicians of his generation, Michael Jackson must’ve been the greatest source of inspiration, and possibly even the main reason for him to make music his career. Apart from being a sought-after bassist, Marc’s known for being a hip-hop producer as well. But the timeless sound of soul, and all related styles, is what brings the former bass player of Postmen to stages around the whole country. Wanna check him out? Marc and The Boogie Night Crew play on our stage on Thursday, September 26th!



    Andrew Laureth and his band stand for sound quality with a visual impact. A mix of Brazilian pop, rock, funk, reggae with dancing energy, a repertoire bringing together international classics with new arrangements and inspiring compositions. After touring extensively, for 10 years in Brazil and Europe, Laureth released two albums and played notable televised gigs with some of his old bands. In 2014, he decided to bring his solo career to greater heights upon releasing his album Janelas da Alma (Windows of the Soul), that was received very well in the international media, thanks to hit tunes like The Sun Will Come Back, A Vida é Bela and Alice.Currently living in Amsterdam, he’s called in the experienced musicians Daniel Camacho (drums), Andre Zamp (guitar) and Osman Meyredi (bass). Check them out on Saturday, August 17th!




    Hungary’s greatest blues sensation of the moment is set on conquering all of Europe. Next stop: The Netherlands. Amsterdam, to be exact. Bourbon Street, to be even more exact. Those who’ve had the pleasure of attending Ati’s Wildflower, have been witness to a blues show with the highest intensity, rivaled only by Attila’s talent as a performer. Beter yet, as a frontman. Because anyone can tell at first glance, that this young man is born to be on stage. If you like soulful blues, bluesy gospel, gospel-y soul and everything in between - and let’s face it, you do - you will love what Ati’s Wildflower has to offer. It’s one of the project this Utrecht-based Hungarian currently has up his sleeve. The other being The SoulFood Band, in which he, unsurprisingly, puts the emphasis on soul rather than blues, but both formations draw a great deal of inspiration from that unique New Orleans sound. Curious to see how a man from Budapest interprets the timeless music of artists like Otis Redding, Wilson Pickett, Van Morrison and many, many other? Then you’ve got absolutely no better place to be than at Bourbon Street, on Friday, July 12th and Friday, August 30th!



    You might’ve seen this The Hague-based singer before in Bourbon Street. Vivian Tarmidi regularly sang as one of the vocalists of the funk-outfit Jaxswing, alongside her fellow The Hague resident, Daisy van Lingen, and her brother Ruben, with whom she also forms a vocal duo. What’s more, Vivian and Ruben both participated in The Voice, in which they performed greatly, making it well into the live shows. Her style and inspiration can be found in contemporary soul, pop and R&B, but the nostalgics among us are definitely catered too at her shows. She’s known to make every dancefloor bounce with her fresh versions of timeless classics, by the likes of Prince, MJ, and many others. Recently, Vivian joined the ranks of a new group. The Boogie Night Crew is a new project by Jaxswing founder Geronimo Latumeten, and focuses on the most danceable tunes of the last three decades. Keep a close eye on the website, because Vivian and her band will be performing on our stage really soon!




    The bass player from Sugar Sugar is another talented student of the Royal Conservatory. Alberts Levics started his career in music in his home country of Latvia, and soon joined the ranks of The Pink Elephant, a rock band that later changed its name to The Bad Tones. His fellow band members and compatriots, Rudolf Ozols and Edvards Broders are also by his side in Sugar Sugar, our favorite vintage rock ’n roll group. Apart from rocking our stage with the greatest intensity and flair, and studying music, Alberts and his mates of The bad Tones released a self-titled EP. We suggest you have a listen to this unique mix of psychedelia, rockabilly and blues, and be sure to check him out in person when Sugar Sugar are back at Bourbon Street! Their next gigs are on May 7th, May 10th, and June 21st. Rock ’n roll, baby!



    This young singer and born entertainer is the newest blues sensation from Hungary. Oh yes, in Hungary, they enjoy some of that good blues just as much as here. What’s more, Attila Suba focuses on the timeless and unique flavours of New Orleans. The first of (hopefully many) shows in Bourbon Street Amsterdam therefor is nothing short of logical. About six years ago, he founded the SoulFood Band, a formation that celebrates the blues, with a large dollop of soul and a generous helping of gospel. And not without success, because it wouldn’t take long before the group started performing everywhere around the world. South Africa and China were toured extensively, the rocked the prestigious Sziget festival, and became regulars in venues all across Europe and Britain. Before that, he was also the driving force behind the band Wildflower, which focused more on funk. And that makes this a match made in heaven, because here at Bourbon Street we live by James Brown’s immortal words, “Whatever I play, it’s got to be funky!”. With an updated line-up, Attila and his Wildflower will show Amsterdam what Hungarian blues and funk is made of. Check out his show on Wednesday, April 10th!




    As the lead singer of the infamous blues outfit, the Ruben Hoeke Band, and metal bands 3D Monster and Red Eyes (in which he also plays bass), you can tell Lucas Pruim likes to take on as much as he possibly can. But he didn’t bite off more than he can chew! Lucas is a man who clearly loves rocking out whenever, wherever. And that’s exactly what this accomplished vocalist intends to do at our stage, albeit he will play a custom repertoire, consisting of oldies but goodies from the seemingly endless catalog of classic rock. And what the heck, he might throw in some modern hits in too, for good measure. Be sure to check out his own songs as well, as he has proved to be a great songwriter as well, writing his fair share of songs for the Ruben Hoeke Band. If you want to see and hear one of the great local talents of this country, come on down and check on Tuesday, March 9th!




    Deze multi-instrumentalist ging op zijn elfde al naar het Conservatorium van Parijs. Het was een indrukwekkend begin van een loopbaan in muziek. Hij vervolgde zijn opleiding in muziek later aan het gerenommeerd Berklee College of Music in de VS. Hij legde zich toe op de saxofoon, en streek neer in Amsterdam, waar hij opnieuw een muziekopleiding volgde, aan het Conservatorium. Deze wandelende muziekencyclopedie zou later in verschillende formaties te vinden zijn, waaronder het populaire Tentempiès, een band waarvan een groot deel van de bezetting regelmatig te zien is in Bourbon Street. Met een keur aan blaasinstrumenten en elektronische foefjes schuift hij op 6 februari en 14 maart aan bij zijn maatje Nate Dizco. Check het!




    Ever since the late 90s, Mirza Tetaric has been the driving force behind the group Soul Shadows. In a short while, the band grew to become one of the most popular soul and R&B bands in Croatia. In over twenty years, not only the line-up of the band has drastically changed, but the sound has evolved as well, from a male a capella group to an all-round party band with a full sound, back up dancers and a vast repertoire. The classics of the genre, such as songs by Bill Withers, Marvin Gaye and Etta James are no longer all they have to offer. This international band also entertains audiences of all ages with modern pop tunes. As long as it’s funky! Mirza has lifted the band from their humble beginnings to an outfit with a solid line-up, and made sure the overall level has grown considerably. With his brand new project, Deja Vu, this talented Croatian singer will return to Bourbon Street on Sunday, January 13th. Don’t you miss it!




    After years of success as the bass player of the Dutch reggae formation The Royal Roots Band, responsible for incredibly popular Tribute tot Bob Marley Tour, Derrick-EE has set a new goal. This time as a solo artist. His debut single So Wan Fu Den will be officially released at the beginning of February. The Amsterdammer, who was born in Paramaribo, Surinam started playing various instruments from the age of five. Keseko was the musical style he grew up wtih, but as soon as he discovered reggae and the bass guitar, he was truly in his element. Years later, as part of The Royal Roots Band, he would travel the world, backing up big names in reggae, such as Gyptian, Maxi Priest en Richie Spice. But it’s time for a new adventure, with new music. His brand new track, and many, many more catchy reggae tunes can be heard right on our stage even before the official release date. On Saturday, December 15th to be exact, when he brings along some of his bandmates of The Royal Roots Band for a night of steaming hot roots reggae!





    On Saturday, November 10th, Heights Meditation will be back with their signature reggae vibes. All the more reason to hand out our Jack Daniel’s Award to one of the frontmen of the band, Otty Rankin. As a vocalist, he’s not just part of this formation, he also works with various other artists. One of them is Derreck-EE, the bass player and vocalist of The Royal Roots Band, another reggae favourite at Bourbon Street. Unsurprisingly, both groups often collaborate on our stage. Rankin’s recognizable style is a fresh belnd of English, Patois and Surinamese lyrics. He also mixes singing effortlessly with rap flows and toasts. Long story short: don’t just read about him, check him out! It’s going to be a night of funky Caribbean flavours and a reggae show that’s as diverse as it is original!



    Adam James

    The traveling musician Adam James Robinson has recently settled in The Hague. For now, because this Ausrtalian singer, songwriter, pianist and guitarist has seen the farthest regions of the planet. He and his family have been traveling the world for years, having lived in London, Copenhagen, New York, Los Angeles and other world cities. He’s truly what onw would call a 21st century troubadour. His musical heritage is rooted in jazz and soul, something he showcases in his repertoire. His sets constist of groovy, jazzy reditions of songs by The Commodores, Michael Jackson and Prince. His layed back vibe makes him the perfect act for a Sunday night. Once a month, you can end your week with Adam James’ chilled out tunes and leave with a smile on your face. With drummer and living, breathing music encyclopedia, Luis Diaz on his side, this is one excellent show. Check him out on Sunday, October 7th and Sunday November 25th.



    Drummer Daniel Camacho has been known for it: almost every month, this Aruban musician (Kuenta i Tambu) intruduces us to a new class artist. After having giving us the blues and rockabilly band Sugar Sugar, the singer Roxanne Hartog and the young blues man Nikos Tsop, he now brings his Antillian buddy Aymar Torres to the forefront. Unsurprisingly, this smooth collaboration works out effortlessly. Their dads actually used to playe together in a band. But the strenght of Torres’ show hinges on his abillity to fuse together the wide spectrum of South-American styles. Also, the fast that the frontman speaks Spanish, French, Portugese, Italian and Papiemento is vital. Because of this unique combination of skills, he is able to play everything from bossanova to samba, salsa, bolero, merengue and much, much more. He thereby is also not restricted to any era. With ease, he plays both 50s classics as recent hits. Oh, and he also plays various instruments. All of these factors make this a show that is not just a joy for fans of South-American music, but for everyone who enjoys a varied show that explores the genre diversity of an entire continent in a very tasteful way. Thought you knew latin? Check out Aymar, Daniel and bassist José Croeze and think again! On Wednesday the 5th, Sunday the 9th and Tuesday the 11th of September, these gentlemen are playing on our stage.



    Although Jefren Mesa hasn’t been playing at Bourbon Street for very long, one look at that behind the drumkit, and you know: this dude’s got skills! What’s more, this fun-loving session player always has a positive attitute and never fails to put that frown upside down. It’s not a coincidence that Jefren is the go-to guy for members of Bourbon Street favourites like Treasure, Brand Nu Funk and La Frica. Unsurprisingly, his style of preference is based in soul and funk. His smooth sense of rhythm, and sophisticated fills and solos make up the ideal foundation for groups like these. Make sure to check out his renditions of legendary tunes by MJ and Prince. It’s a joy to watch him get into the groove on some of his favourite tunes. It makes you enjoy the music even more!




    She has played at Bourbon Street in various formations, but now that she’s the lead vocalist of the latin-soul band El Toro, it all falls into place for Robin Pels. The Amsterdam-based singer combines her own repertoire of soul and pop hits with the latin setlist of her band. Band leader and drummer Marco Toro puts the emphasis on everything and anything danceable. If you’ve seen Robin and co before, you’d know that you can shake your hips to songs by Gloria Estefan, Cee-Lo Green, Santana and Chaka Kahn. Check out Robin and her latino homies soon at Bourbon Street!





    This new kid on the scene is one of the artists drummer Daniel Camacho introduced durin his eclectic shows at Bourbon Street. The fresh sound of singer Roxanne Hartog and her band are a smooth and supple mix of soul, pop and old school rhythm & blues. With Camacho, keyboard player Geronimo Latumeten and bass player José Croeze, she lets the iconic soul singer of the past take center stage. In their own way, they put legendary artists like Etta James, Chaka Kahn, Michael Jackson on a pedestal. And even though Roxanne hasn’t been shining on our stage for long, she has not been sitting still. After her musical education at the Amsterdam Conservatorium, this Amsterdam native now studies Jazz & Pop at the HKU in Utrecht, securing her solid base for a career in music, that as of yet is still at an early stage. So, feel like a night of timeless and sexy soul tunes? Roxanne and her band are back on the program on Tuesday, June 26th!



    When he’s not teaching bass at De KunstKombinatie, a community of music teachers, he lays that funky foundation to Brand Nu Funk, one of the grooviest R&B and funk bands to play Bourbon Street. His versatile capabilities as a bass player come to the forefront, as he uses both synth bass and a traditional bass guitar to add a rich palette to the BNF show. His background in a variety of musical styles, and his education at the Amsterdam Conservatorium make him the guy for the job. Jazz, pop, latin, soul and many other genres are at his fingertips, giving him the opportunity to blend surprising styles to the mix. Pieter not only shines with Brand Nu Funk, but plays in other formations as well, notably his jazz project Liquid Lefty. A successful endeavor as well, as he earned the award for Best Jazz Composition from the prestigious North Sea Jazz Festival in 2010. An excellent and critically acclaimed release, Frozen would soon follow. Standing still is not an option for Pieter. A handful of very different bands, projects in theatre, producing, arranging, teaching and many other creative projects are currently on his plate. For now, we can just say, we’re happy to have him as the funky bass man of Brand Nu Funk. Want to check them out? They’re back on Friday, May 25th!




    Nikos Tsop is a student at the HKU Utrechts Conservatorium, where he studies Jazz & Pop. He has, however, made his mark as an accomplished musician. Before making his move to the Netherlands, he was the guitar player of the Greek band Deep In The Top. Under his surname moniker TSOP, he now releases bits and bobs of bluesy excellence. Moreover and more importantly, he rocks Bourbon Street on a regular basis with his powerful yet smooth and organic blend of blues and funk. Every era of these timeless genres make their way from Nikos’ strings and vocal chords to your ears. That is, if you have had the privilege to have seen the man in action. Drummer Daniel Camacho, bass player José Croeze and fellow guitar master Pablo Minoli have been familiar with Nikos’ talent, so if you’re up for a night of funky blues and bluesy funk, get to Bourbon Street on Thursday, April 19th and Wednesday, the 25th, and see how Nikos Tsop and his band jam to make nostalgic music sound fresh and modern.



    The Lithuanian singer, songwriter and guitar player Edvards Broders has been living in The Hague for some time now. Not long after leaving his home country for The Netherlands, he found himself in the local scene and collaborations with various artists would soon follow. The man stays busy, from doing studio work for other bands (like the Greek formation Quaich) to playing with his own band, The Bad Tones (formerly The Pink Elephant). But of course he also plays the clubs all around the country. At Bourbon Street, he does so with the band Sugar Sugar, which is comprised of his follow countrymen Rudolfs Ozols (guitar and vocals) and Alberts Levics (bass) and drummer Daniel Camacho. The vision of Sugar Sugar is simple: songs you like from (mostly) the 50s and 60s. The setlist contains timeless classics from the likes of Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry and The Rolling Stones, which makes their show easily accessable as it keeps the men firmly grounded. Because rest assured, more than once the band will swing out of control, looking to find the edges of their genre. It makes for a gig with plenty of good energy and old-fashioned fun. It’s no surprise that Sugar Sugar has grown to be a fan-favourite in no-time! Want to see Edvards and his mates live? On Tuesday, March 20th they’re back on stage!

  • E-MANN 


    The Royal Roots Band, inarguably one of the best reggae bands Europe has to offer, played with the greatest artists of the genre. Artists such as Tanya Stephens, Maxi Priest, Gyptian and others have been backed by this formation. Their nationwide Tribute to Bob Marley tour also was a resounding success, selling out venues all across The Netherlands. It featured the anyone who’s anyone in the Dutch reggae scene, like Shirma Rouse, Mitchell Brunings, Giovanca Ostiana and Junior Tecla. Now, the Sint Maarten-born singer E-Mann gets to be front and center. Emanuel Richardson, as this energetic, skilled and fit entertainer is called off stage, hosts a show with a surprising setlist. Of course, as any reggae singer, E-Mann is also tributary to the late and great Bob Marley. The legecy of the king of reggae will obviously be honored during this show, but he also manages to surprise with some excellent original tunes and lesser known gems. See E-Mann & The Royal Roots Band live on our stage on Friday, Februay 16th!




    As a keyboard and keytar player, Delaney Nelom is an indispensable link in the tight band Midnight Tales. With this formation, the funk genre is approached in a fresh way. No longer do classic hits rule the setlist, but simply a steady groove. The group, which is the brain child of drummer Patrick Wiebers, jams around this firm foundation. It results in up-tempo music, with an array of copious and interesting solos. In a band where strong musicianship is essential, so is the melodic element. And that’s where Delaney comes in. The gifted musician leared his craft at the Amsterdam Conservatorium, where he studied Jazz Piano. And besides playing in this cool band, he was also part of The New Power Revolution, a Prince tribute band that played the genius songs of this funk innovator all around the world. Funk, jazz and soul run through Delaney’s veins, and you have to see, hear and feel it to get it. On January 20th, 25th and 28th, he joins the ranks of the band Patrick Wiebers & Friends. Go check it out!




    Chy-Kyria Mezas is as a lead singer involved in numerous different formations and projects. In Bourbon Street, you can see her as the lead vocalist of the band Treasure, a group that honors the greatest era in R&B and nu-soul. What’s more, plenty of contemporary hit songs have made it on the setlist as well, all in their own way. Gospel and soul are the basis of her musical style. So it’s no surprise that she started out singing in church. She made big steps ever since. She participated in X-Factor in 2010, and performed on all the major stages in the country, joining artists like Alain Clarke and Jocelyn Brown. Right now, Bruno Mars is one of her biggest sources of inspiration (her band isn’t calles Treasure for nothing). With this band, she provides a funky night of dance tunes. But she’s not just in it for the entertainment. She shares her talent as a singer with children, as a singing teacher on schools. As she dreamed of being a singer growing up, she now passes it on to the next generation. Wanna see her live? Treasure will play on Sunday, December 10th!




    He was (and still is, in a way) the guitarist of the rock band The Pink Elephant, which changed its name to The Bad Tones earlier this year. You’ll recognize him from his part in Love On The Rocks and Clearwater. In the latter band, Rūdolfs Ozols shows that he’s able to switch to soul and funk, even though he has a clear preference for rock ‘n roll. He learned the noble art of the guitar at the Amsterdam Conservatrium, after moving here from Latvia. Now that school’s out, the ambitious musician is focused on rocking out as much as he can. And besides these two amazing bands, in which you can see him at Bourbon Street, he’s already starting something new. Sugar Sugar had a sneak preview on Sunday, October 29th. This group, that features his Latvian mates Edvards Broders and Alberts Levics on guitar and bass respectively, is founded on the immortal sounds of Led Zeppelin and other great rock and bluesrock bands from the 60s and 70s. These three are backed by drummer Daniel Camacho, and give Bourbon Street a much-needed and much-requested rock injection. Keep an eye on our website to find another show for this new band. Wanna see Rūdolfs in the mean time? Check him out on Friday, November 3rd with Clearwater and on Friday, November 24th with Love On The Rocks!




    For some time, he's been the bassist for the rock band Tumbling Dice, but recently, José Croeze has also been showing his skills in the band of soul and pop singer Rowen Aida. Also, he has been playing often with the equally fresh band Clearwater, thereby giving shape to a much broader palet than rock alone. Blues, funk, soul, reggae and other flavours merge together seemlessly and ever so groovy in both of these groups. Originally from Oranjestad, the talented musician stands often side by side with his fellow Dutch Antillian, drummer Daniel Camacho, with whom he forms one of the smoothest rhythm sections in Bourbon Street. Being a man of many talents and a versatile session player as well, he also is not held back by any genre and shows an interest in many different styles of music, from world famous stadium rock bands to young and upcoming acts. His nice sound, craftmanship and reliability make him silent but deadly! Check José on the 6th and 26th of October with Rowen Aida!  




    The Slovakian guitarist Vlado Spisiak has made his mark on bands like Jaxswing, Treasure and Daniel Camacho & Friends for some time. The reason is simple: this gifteed guitar player specializes in accompanying soul and funk bands, due to his groovy style and crisp backing vocals. He has the rare talent of making it look easy. No endless solos and bravado, but rather funky licks, optimizing your dancing pleasure. Having said that, he does posess the ability to play fantastic solos. These never go off the tracks and always showcase his smooth composure. In doing so, he keeps the tempo high, while checking his ego at the door. A true craftsman who found his niche in the overpopulated local guitar players guild after graduating from the Utrecht Conservatorium. It has resulted in a full schedule of gigs and projects, taking him all around the world, from Dubai to New York. What’s more, he also composed his own songs, in a variety of genres, from soul to latin and from jazz to rock. Finally, he also worked on several theatre productions. Praise came his way in 2007, when he won the prestigious Holland Casino Jazz & Pop Award. Now, he can add the almost as desired Jack Daniel’s Award to his record. Cheers!

    See Vlado live? Check him out on Friday, September 8th with Delano feat. Jaxswing and on Saturday, September 16th with Treasure!




    Rowen Aïda Ben Rabaa is sort of a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to the performing arts. Besides being a singer, this ambitious local artist actively pursues different avenues. And it’s a big plus, when that avenue includes the spotlights! No wonder she not only shines in musicals, that Voice-star seemed to be made for her. Now, she combines working as a professional vocalist with her other passion, being a personal trainer. Fit and talented: now that’s a deadly combo! Since a few months, Rowen performs with her band, that consists of drummer Daniel Camacho, bass player José Croeze, guitarist Daniel Raposo and keyboard player Geronimo Latumeten in Bourbon Street. Soul, pop and disco classics from the 70s ‘till now are what their show’s all about. Artists like Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Chaka Kahn en Bill Withers have all made their mark on Rowen’s life, inspiring her to chase after her dream of being a performer. They keep inspiring her to this day, but she also draws plenty of inspiration from new-school artists like Cee-Lo Green, Lianne La Havas, Drake and Bruno Mars. All of these artists show up on the rich, funky setlist, that will make you dance ‘till you drop. It’s ‘old-school meets new stuff’, according to La Aïda herself. Wanna check her out? Rowen Aïda performs on Thursday, August 17th and Thursday the 31st!




    Every month, you can see Micha Kroese on a Sunday at Bourbon Street. It’s a night where powerful rock tunes go hand in hand with smooth dance tracks. From Michael Jackson to The Black Crowes and everything in between. Both acts have made an important mark in the musical adventure of this local singer. Like most people of her generation, ‘MJ’ was the undisputed ‘King of Pop’, and an artist that is still to this day, admired and dearly missed. As a child, she imitated her idol day in, day out, and it soon proved inevitable that she would one day be on a stage, singing and dancing. It turned out to be several bands, but pretty much all of them had her musical partner Bart van Oort in them. Just like her latest project in Bourbon Street. Their shared history on stages makes for a unique interplay, which results in a show that stays entertaining from beginning to end. But she reinvents herself constantly as well. Recently, hiphop influences can be found more and more in the repertoire of The Micha Kroese Band. Classics from Amy Winehouse, George Michael and other pop giants make this a night of unpretentious fun, with a wide-ranging menu. Irresistable pop songs that we all love to love. A true, fun-filled greatest hits night!




    Apart from being a solo artist, the local singer-songwriter Dursun Erbay is the lead singer of the Dutch ten-piece soul and jazz formation The Very Next (previously The Young Sinatras). But that’s not nearly the only project he’s been working on of late. For a few monts, he’s been one fourth of the band Clearwater, that was founded here at Bourbon Street. The other band members are Jesse Koch (The Silverfaces), bassist Nathaniel Klumperbeek (Tentempies) and drummer Daniel Camacho (Kuenta i Tambu). Their divergent musical backgrounds do not stop them from putting on a surprisingly coherent and solid act. And as the lead singer of this four-piece, Dursun fits in seemlessly, exploring blues, funk and crafty pop influences on a foundation of sweet, sweet soul. It wouldn’t surprise anyone, really. Because of his versatile style of play, inspired by the likes of John Mayer, Lenny Kravitz and pretty much any influential soul artist before them, you could place Dursun in any band and he’d be killing it. His recognizable vocal chops balance somewhere in between raw and smooth, which keeps a Clearwater show interesting to listen to. The repertoire consists of modern and vintage soul and funk, with some forgotten gems to keep you on your toes. For example: Londonbeat’s I’ve Been Thinking About You (remember this nineties classic?) and Hard Times by Baby Huey (made famous by John Legend & The Roots). Wanna see Dursun and his mates live in action? Check out Clearwater on Friday, June 16th!




    Seen Love On The Rocks on our stage? If you did, you must’ve seen bass hero Javier den Leeuw. This young rock ‘n roller is not just the solid foundation of this formation, he’s also been working hard on original material. He does so with his band mate (and class mate at the Amsterdam Conservatorium) Jesse Koch. The lead singer plays with Javier in the bands The Silverfaces en HØUND. The latter Amsterdam and The Hague based band has been rocking venues all around The Netherlands for about two years now. They’ve also released a couple of singles, such as Electric Grounds en Down The River. The band (and Javier in particular) are being inspired by the likes of The Dead Weather, Queens Of The Stone Age en Sleepy Sun. Manly, powerful rock with influences ranging from grunge to stoner. With The Silverfaces, he recently released a brand new EP, and the single The Light. A band with an equal amount of power, but more based on classic rock, especially Led Zeppelin. Feel like watching this talented Conservatorium student in action? Keep checking the gig list, and drop by when he joins the ranks with Love On The Rocks. It’s a great hommage to the best classic rock songs of the twentieth century!



    Marco Toro

    As the versatile and seasoned drummer that he is, Marco Toro knows all the ins and outs of the game. Ever since his childhood, which he spent in his country of birth, Venezuela, the man has been pleasantly obsessed with drums and percussion. It comes as no surprise that he has mastered pretty much every aspect of his noble craft meticulously. From every variety of South-American music to metal, El Toro does it all. With some of his compatriots, he founded the successful metal band Laberinto in the nineties. Most of these musicians, like Gregorio Rangel, Miguelito Padron and Pablo Minoli, can still be seen regularly in various fofmations in the Bourbon Street. Laberinto toured thoughout Europe and quickly established itself as a name to be reconed with in the scene, because of their unique ability to fuse latin music and metal. Later he would found Zambo Jazz, a project in which he combines African influences with the jazz of New Orleans, emphasizing on the complex, but utterly fascinating drum patterns. And as one of the founders of the tribute band Santanico, he pays homage to the guitar legend Carlos Santana, but right now, he’s started a new project. Under the obvious but apt moniker of El Toro, he plays an easy-going, but surprising mix of latin, funk and soul. Come and check him out on Friday, April 7th!




    For years, he has been the lead singer of the band nobody can stop dancing to, Jaxswing. After focusing on several other projects in the past year, a solo record among them, Delano Felter is back on our stage regularly. This time around, he formed the band and hand-picked all of the musicians to back up his funky repertoire. The singer, rapper, percussionist and producer can rely on years of experience in the music bizz, starting with the rap / R&B / New Jack Swing formation KéShaw, which he co-founded in the early nineties. It wouldn’t take long before the Rotterdam collective took off. The five-piece were the first European signing at the legendary American soul label Motown. Not long after, the group went on to work with one of the biggest names in the industry, producer Teddy Riley. After the group split up, Delano worked on countless projects, before running into singer and keyboard player Geronimo Latumeten, with whom he founded Jaxswing. Now, Delano has all the freedom to shape his own show, by selecting his band members and repertoire. Delano is back! On Friday, April 21st, you can dance to the funkiest sounds of the eighties and nineties with Delano & Friends!



    Nienke 2
    As a kid, after saving up enough money to buy a drum kit and actually finding a place to put it to use without bothering any neighbours, Nienke Overmars spent all of her time learning the tricks of the trade. She did so by practicing frantically. Her main source of inspiration at these early beginnings was Taylor Hawkins, drummer of the Foo Fighters. A band that made a huge impression on her, and helped shape her as a musician. Rock & roll was always what drove her musically, and she familiarised herself with the classics, albeit she really got into iconic drummers like John Bonham and Ringo Starr at a slightly older age. Contemporary bands such as Triggerfinger, Them Crooked Vulltures and Arctic Monkeys are now some of the groups that she listens to and learns from the most. Her recognizable style of play can be heard in the three bands she plays in today: Cheap Thrills, The Silverfaces (who release a brand new EP this month), and Love On The Rocks who are sceduled to play at Bourbon Street on Saturday, February 4th and Friday, February 17th!



    Franck Carducci has been a Bourbon Street favourite for years now. This talented multi-instrumentalist has not only an excellent sense of the theatrical, he has managed to convey a very coherent sound on his two studio albums. This Frenchman moved to Amsterdam in 2008. It resulted in him playing with numerous local session players and bands. By doing this, he made a wide variety of musical genres his own. That being said, his original sound can be categorised best as prog-rock with plenty of classic rock influences. Bands like The Beatles, Genesis and Kansas made him the musician he is today. After the success of debut record Oddity, sophomore album Torn Apart and the European tours that went with them, he can now be seen as an important name in the world of prog-rock. On of the highlights of his carreer so far is his collaboration with one of his heroes and mentors: Steve Hackett. Franck not only opened the show of the former Genesis guitarist, he also had the honor to have him play on his second lp. Still, after all of his adventures, he always manages to sneak in a show at his favorite Amsterdam venue. On Saturday, January 7th, Franck Carducci performs on of his signature shows, full of classic rock, prog and blues tunes!




    For years, Mondays have been one of the most fun nights to visit the Bourbon Street. The reason: Magic Monday, our renowed open jam session which welcomes all musicians to jam out with our house band Mosquito. Bass player Gregorio Rangel is the backbone of this extremely versatile band, which can switch between genres effortlessly. Whether it’s soul, funk, reggae, rock, blues or latin, Mosquito is capable of backing musicians of pretty much any background. However, the musical roots of the Venezuelan bassist can be found in metal. His band Laberinto has been a pioneer in mixing metal with latin flavors, and has been very popular, not just in The Netherlands, but all across Europe. The band played all the major festivals in Europe and released several critically acclaimed records. Having lived in Amsterdam for many years, Gregorio has adaopted a wide range of styles through the years. He has played in the Bourbon Street for so long, he is (as we say in Dutch) part of the furniture. Being the bad ass bass player that he is, he played with countless different artists, such as Bourbon Street legend Lamar Chase, the late and great Micky Lewellyn, all-star ensemble 5Live, the Carlos Santana tribute band Santanico, and many, many more. Come and see on of the pillars of the Bourbon Street live every Monday, during our infamous jam night, and on Friday, December 16th, as he and his fellow-Mosquitos give us one of their fun-filled Tex-Mex latin-disco shows!



    Marleen Hoebe

    Put the leadsingers of two great local bands together and you have something truly amazing. That’s when you get Love On The Rocks, fronted by Jesse Koch of The Silverfaces, and Marleen Hoebe, singer of Kissing Jane. Together, they honor some of the greatest classics in rock and pop. Focusing on the seventies and eighties, Jesse and Marleen (backed by drummer Nienke Overmars and bass player Javier den Leeuw, both of The Silverfaces) have played excellent shows at our stage. Apart from having an amazing voice, Marleen has showed great showmanship, as well as her skills on the keys. With her band Kissing Jane, she released the well recieved record Factory Of Hearts, on which you can hear the sounds of the bands that inspire her the most, like Muse, Blondie, No Doubt and Kate Bush. Songs by some of these timeless artists feature on the setlist of Love On The Rocks. To put it in other words, it’s a night of dancing and singing along with your favorite rock and pop songs. Songs that will never go out of style. And you won’t have to wait long for their next gig. Love On The Rocks, with the amazing Marleen Hoebe on vocals and keys, will play on Friday, November 18th!



    Cheyenne Toney

    Cheyenne Toney: a young local singer with big plans. As a singer, performer and songwriter, she’s got what it takes to become a true all-round artist. Perhaps even the next big star. Unsurprisingly, she learned the tricks of the trade from a very young age. Being part of a musically gifted family, she basically grew up on stage. At age thirteen, she already decided to persue a carreer as a solo artist. Just a few years later, she stepped into the spotlights with her successful participation of The Voice Of Holland. It was her claim to fame, as her skills as a performer were seen by the entire country. Her style is quite contemporary, even though she finds inspiration in the timeless music of artists like Etta James. Other sources of inspiration nowadays are artists like Alicia Keys, Adele, Lianne La Havas, Kendrick Lamar and Beyoncé. Singing their songs in her own unique way gives her great pleasure. One of her greatest moments as a musician was when she was asked to perform for a lady who had not long to live. It was an unforgetable experience that showed her the power of music. Besides singing great modern hits and timeless classics, she also writes her own music. In her own unique way, as she’s now writing songs in Dutch. Her focus now is to play as many shows as she can, gain experience, get inspired and work with lots of different artists.



    Danny Kalima

    Fans of The Bashir Brothers might have already seen this man on our stage: Danny Kalima, a talented singer from Malawi. He moved to the Dutch town of Apeldoorn in December 2015, after being crowned the best R&B artist at the MUMA (Malawi Music Awards). In that same year, he was also a Nominee in the category Best R&B & Soul Artist at AFRIMA (All Africa Music Awards).He started singing in a local church in Malawi in 2002. Years later, he formed a band called Konkalazi, which won the Central / Eastern African music competition Music Crossroads in 2011 and toured through Europe in the Summer of that year. The band would even perform for the president of Malawi. His goals were met, and a new one presented itself. So Danny went solo and started working on a record in 2013, which was out in November of 2014. Having moved to The Netherlands, Danny Kalima now teams up with Peter Sid Bashir (bass), Samir Bashir (guitar) and Liber Torriente (drums). Already an accomplished artist, Danny Kalima gives you the true soul of Malawi on Thursday, September 29th!



    Few artists have been more iconic to the identity of Bourbon Street Amsterdam than Lamar Chase. He’s without a doubt the granddaddy of the Bourbon Street family. Representing both the no-nonsense attitude we, Amsterdammers pride ourselves with, as the great American music genres that influenced the whole world. Keeping in line with the traditions of blues, rock ‘n roll, soul and funk, Lamar always bring his unique flavor to the table. And he has been doing that since day one. Combining his two favorite things in life, ‘booze & blues’, his shows are always entertaining, putting the emphasis on powerful, up-tempo blues with heavy riffs (and plenty of Jack Daniel’s). No wonder, growing up in the Bay Area, in California, he came from a place where great and influential artists came from. Tower Of Power, Sly & The Family Stone, to name but a few. Some of Lamar’s personal favorites include soulful singers such as Sam Cooke and Lou Rawls. Through the years, pretty much every session musician has familiarised himself with the Chase-repertoire. That’s why he’s played with countless musicians in Bourbon Street alone. No matter who he plays with, this is a show that every self respecting blues lover must see at least once. Lamar Chase plays on Tuesday, August 2nd, on Friday, August 12th, he plays a gig with the French harmonica player Francois Spannenburg, and on the 24th, he rocks our stage with his buddy and The Strobez frontman Michael Strobel. Sh*t boy howdy!



    Ramon Ramnath

    At Ramon Ramnath’s home, there was always music. It goes to show that children of musical parents often grow up to be musicians. Such is the case for Ramon. When his brothers bought a drumkit and a guitar from the money they saved, he was the first to join. The money he made from bringing back empty bottles to the supermarket, he finally was able to buy his very own bass guitar. An EKO no less, one that’s now considered a vintage model. To Ramon, the bass player was always the coolest dude in the band. Laid-back and in the background. By drawing inspiration from artists such as Marcus Miller and Bootsy Collins, he soon developed his own style. It was the early nineties, when he and his friends founded Hurricane Joy. In 1994, the band independently released an album and two singles soon followed. While driving with the drummer of the band, he heard his music on the radio for the very first time. It was a magical moment. A moment which he celebrated with a spontanious dance of joy at the side of the road. Through the years, he has been putting in a lot of effort and love in the band. To this day, he and the rest of Hurricane Joy gives people who frequent Bourbon Street great nights of music and fun. And the next one is up soon. Check out Ramon and Hurricane Joy on Saturday, July 9th!



    Ramon Valle

    Ramon Valle has without a doubt left his mark on the music scene of his home country, Cuba. All across the island, and far beyond, people love his original composition, Levitando. It’s a song unique to Valle’s style and just one example of his wonderful and truly Cuban catalog. He gave shape to his sound by studying, perfecting and performing. And it all started from the age of seven, when he was enroled in the Escuela Nacional de Arte in Holguin, his hometown at the time. In just a few short years, he moved to Havana, where he finished his education in music. He didn’t waste any time after graduating. He soon became a household name in jazz clubs in Havana, but also in Mexico and Colombia. He found his own niche by mixing jazz with funk and various Caribbean and African styles. Last year, he released his latest record, Take Off. With it came a European tour. And, lucky for us, the emphasis was on The Netherlands. So now that he’s in the country for a longer period of time, he decided to team up with his compatriot, drummer Liber Torriente, to host a brand new show in Bourbon Street. In this jam session, jazz, funk and various latin flavours come together to create brand new, unique compositions. On Wednesday, June 8th and Sunday, June 26th, you can see Ramon Valle in Bourbon Street.


    For some time now, Nate Dizco has been giving us great funk, pop and tropical samba tunes. He does so in an ever changing line-up, but almost every time, he has his flat- and bandmate Anan den Boer on his side. Damn right too, because this talented keyboard player is the funk factor in every song. His skills aren’t limited to the keys alone, though. He’s quite smooth on guitar and bass as well. Although the 25 year-old was obviously born with his talent, it developed further on the Amsterdam Conservatorium, making him the allround musicians he is today. But it all started with one artist. A living legend in the truest sense of the word: Stevie Wonder, the man who inspired generations to persue a carreer as a singer or piano player. And that’s exactly what happened to Anan. Soul and funk are the foundation of his style, but he definately doesn’t back away from rock, blues, reggae or latin. Whatever makes your hips move. His versatility was heard on tour with Dutch rock band Kane and on a number of records, including Breeze and Parallel Postulate by Marco Cinelli. This very gifted singer and guitarist played regularly in Bourbon Street a few years back. On Friday, May 20th and on Sunday, May 29th, Anan will play with Nate Dizco. And while you’re holding your agenda, put in the 7th of June, because Marco Cinelli will return to Bourbon Street for one night only!



    This native Cuban’s not only adept in playing afro-Cuban music, but is uniquely able to switch effortlessly between jazz, funk, rock, reggae, blues and even metal. Starting this month, Liber Torriente will host a brand new show. Every second Sunday of the month, the drummer will front an ever-changing formation, along with pianist Ramon Valle. The latter will sound familiar to the Carribbean jazz connaisseurs amongst you. The piano player is the frontman of the jazz-quartet that carries his name, is a household name in the Cuban jazz niche. Together, Torriente and Valle invite some of the most talented musicians the local scene has to offer, in order to bring life to the warm sounds of jazz, latin and funk. By putting the emphasis on improvisation, every show will be completely unique. Contrarily, the duo keeps the entertainment value high, by playing some well-known pop-tunes as well, but played in their very own way. Because of this very special new project, as well as the many other Bourbon Street-formations Liber Torriente has contributed to through the years, we gladly declare him the Jack Daniel’s Award winner of the onth April!




    At the tender age of eight, Bart van Wagenberg starts taking piano lessons, primarilly classical. He soon loses interest, but a few years later, the fantastic pianist Amir Swaab teaches him the art of improvisation. This was a point of no return, as Bart learns more and more and gets inspired by different genres, such as soul, blues and rock ‘n roll. The records of his father play a huge role in his musical upbringing, especially thos of The Stones and Stevie Ray Vaughan. To Bart, Vaughan’s solo in Couldn't Stand The Weather is still the greatest guitar sound ever. Technically superior to even Hendrix, who he came to appreciate at an older age. Wisdom comes with the years, as they say, and to Bart music isn’t something you learn in school. It’s all about having fun, feeling and the ability to not do too much. On the piano, he’s most influenced by legends like Herman Brood, Reese Wynans and Ray Charles. He’s most proud of the shows he did with some of Brood’s former band members, like Dany Lademacher. Now, he finds himself within the ranks of The Blues Summit, a great formation with Jeroen van Niele on bass, Daniel Camacho on drums and Ruben Klavers on vocals and guitar. A true blues band, that provides Bart with plenty of freedom. He’s proud to play with these three fantastic musicians at Bourbon Street. It gives him lots of pleasure and energy. The Blues Summit plays on March 8th, 11th and 17th, so be there!




    The Conservatory-class of 2013 had a tremendous talent. The Brazilian multi-instrumentalist Breno Viricimo has only been living in Amsterdam for three years now, but has already shown his skills on guitar and double bass time and time again. It comes as no surprise that music has been his passion from a very young age. Thanks to his father, Erico Viricimo, who encouraged him to follow his passion and make it as a musician. Breno made it his main priority, as he moved from his hometown of Jaragua do Sul (in thee Southern state Santa Catarina) to the metropolis of Sao Paolo. There, he studied with the great Sizão Machado at the Souza Lima Conservatory. A few years later, he would again bravely leave his comfort zone to continue his training at the Amsterdam Conservatory. As a natural born samba musician, his ability to combine traditional Brazilian styles with jazz and pop were an immediate hit, and because of his effort, gift and positive attitude, he soon graduated. Now, he uses his unique talents to play a wide variety of shows in The Netherlands. His next project is a theatre tour with Lilian Vieira, called Brasil Beyond De Bundas, in which the Zuco 103 singer explores the many different styles of Brazilian music. But Breno is even more versatile. You might have seen his smiling face at Bourbon Street, playing with his buddy Nate Dizco. Besides quality pop and funk tunes from decades of musical history, he’s known and loved for his already famous samba-set, in which he plays Brazilian classics and original compositions. Check out this extraordinary artist on Sunday February 14th and Saturday February 27th with Nate Dizco!



    He studied jazz-guitar at the Rotterdam Conservatory, but is now firmly rooted in the Amsterdam scene. With artists like bassist Nathaniel Klumperbeek (Tentempies), drummer Eddy Addai (Typhoon, Fresku), and many other upcoming musicians, he plays a wayward and contemporary version of funk, that’s unique to this group’s sound. With his solo-project (simply called Ginton), Ramon Ginton plays surprising takes on funk and reggae classics, and some of his own compositions, such as Born In This Place. His style of guitar playing is a uniquely raw and intuitive blend of funk and blues. With Bourbon Street favorite Nate Dizco, this 23 year old guitarist has played our stage numerous times. This month, you can check him out with his new group Young & Stupid, alongside singer and bassist Miles Tjon, keyboard player Anan den Boer (Marco Cinelli, Kane) and drummer Gino Cochise. Young & Stupid play Thursday January 7th and Saturday the 23rd.



    Jesse Koch

    In the course of this column, we’ve covered a great deal of excellent musicians, but few are as naturally gifted as 2015’s last Jack Daniel’s Award winner. He’s a singer, songwriter,   guitar player, keyboard player and a drummer. And not too shabby of a bass player either. Every self-respecting venue in The Netherlands has had the privilege to host this multi-talented Amsterdammer. One would almost wonder, which one hasn’t he played? You might have seen him at Paradiso, or on tv, at notable Dutch talkshow De Wereld Draait Door, or perhaps at our country’s largest music festival, Lowlands. The timeless, and generation-exceeding music of Jimi Hendrix, The Doors, Led Zeppelin and AC/DC runs through his veins. Effortlessly, he plays the songs from long before he was born with striking authenticity. Earlier this year, he graduated from the renowed Herman Brood Academy, to continue studying at the Amsterdam Conservatorium. Let’s not forget, even though his résumé is already quite impressive, he has almost his whole musical carreer in front of him. He’s part of numerous groups: Jesse & The Muffins, The Trio, The Big Bounce, and The Hats, to name just a few. With these bands, the famously critical Bourbon Street audience were at his feet every time. This vast and impressive record obviously belongs to Jesse Koch, perhaps Amsterdam’s most talented rockstar to be. Keep an eye out for his soon to be released debut-EP with his band, The Silverfaces. 


    Romeo 2


    Not only is he the frontman and lead singer of Bourbon favorite Hurricane Joy, Romeo Boldewijn also is part of the Bourbon Street bar team. Every Monday night, in between pouring drinks, he joins house band Mosquito during their open jam session. Jamming is something that comes natural to him. From a young age, that’s what he used to do for fun. With neighbourhood friends, he would spend hours on end making music. His heroes back then were the absolute greats: artists like Bob Marley, The Doors, André Hazes, Michael Jackson, Seal and Iron Maiden. He still profits from this broad taste in music. Hurricane Joy’s repertoire is more diverse than any jukebox. This approach hasn’t changed. He can still enjoy any kind of music that’s out today. All these musical influences were bundled in an album only a few years ago. The accompanying promotion tour, made possible by clothing store America Today, was one to remember. Hurrican Joy plays once a month at Bourbon Street. Come on down and check them out, because no two shows are ever the same!  




    If you ever happen to find yourself in Bourbon Street on a Sunday night, you might just have seen this singer in action. Joined by the musicians of Jaxswing and Gintronix, Daisy van Lingen forms Boombox, a group that celebrates not only nu-soul and other contemporary music, but honors her heroes of the nineties as well. Like most of us, she has a soft spot for this decade. What’s more, it was a time in which her family - and her mother in particular - played an important role in her musical upbringing. Still, it was only five years ago, when she made her debut in music, with the band Jaydee And Tha Funk. Before, she was a dancer for over thirteen years. This talent came in handy and soon proved to be an important part of her stage persona. Her natural charisma and talent to entertain set her apart from most musicians. Apart from the groups of her youth she has one musical hero: Stevie Wonder. This soul-genius has always been her main inspiration, and he will always be. But modern day musicians also play a part in her still developing carreer in music. Not long ago, she had the honor to meet Pharrell Williams. Giving her invaluable counsel, she’s now more determined than ever to grow as a musician. But she already made an impact on a national level, after she was one of the participants of The Voice Of Holland. She can still be heard all across the country, as she is now part of three bands. Apart from Boombox, she’s also in the bands Pick Up The Pieces and Jamission. With these groups, she travel all across The Netherlands. Daisy’s doing great, but there are still ambitions and goals to accomplish. She wants to not only develop her skills as a writer, but wants to be more involved in making new songs as well. Until then, she’s more than happy to be the leadsinger in some great bands. Curious? you can see Daisy and Boombox on our Sunday nights!




    Nathaniel Klumperbeek, known around Amsterdam as Nate Dizco, is man with a great deal of skills. The bass player and vocalist is not just part of many different bands, acts and other musical projects, he also posesses a healthy interest in almost every kind of music. With his solo project under his own moniker, he makes a unique blend of modern funk and pop. But South-American music runs through his vains as well. He plays bass with the succesful local group TenTemPies, which sees him travel across the country on an almost daily basis. The band’s succes is in no way an accident. Their catchy and excellently crafted mix of latin-rock, reggae and ska is both irresistable and unmistakably local. It should come as no surprise that Nathan developed his skills and interest in music from a young age, being the son of a skilled sax player. He’s always been eager to learn new things and discover new sounds. It shows in the eclectic sets he plays at Bourbon Street. Anything goes, as long as it’s good. From D’Angelo to System Of A Down, from The Beatles to Sly Stone and from Sergio Mendes to Queens Of The Stone Age. What’s more, he’s mastered the noble art of the samba, joined by his Brazilian buddy, Breno Vericimo. Nathan’s debut-EP was released last year, and it surely won’t be long ‘till he hits you with some more fresh tunes. Curious? Nate Dizco and his band of brothers from other mothers play twice a month on our Sunday night. He’ll also play two special weekend shows on the 12th and the 25th of September. Let’s go!


    Ivan JD


    He’s one of the most talented artists in Amsterdam with a stricktly original repertoire. Ivan Waters’ songs are hidden gems without exception, and have the potential to one day be classics in their own right. The Sidney born singer-songwriter grew up in a very musical family. At home, there would be lots of jamming and music was an important part of his upbringing. The music he makes nowadays reflects this, and the ispirational figures he listened to at a young age. Icons and innovators of his parents’ generation have all left their mark on his style. The influence of artists like The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, David Bowie, Cat Stevens en Pink Floyd was - and still is - great, but the soul singers of the seventies were also of major importance. The timeless character of Ivan’s songs has to do with his lack of interest for the popstars of today. He doesn’t let his music be influenced by trends, hypes or anything fashionable. Rather, he finds inspiration in the many talented musicians around him. And that is exactly what he has on the agenda right now. By the end of this year, Ivan will record his third studioalbum. After releasing Buy Your Time and Fractions some years ago, this will be the first lp he’ll record with his full band. The record will feature work from the last four years in Amsterdam. He doesn’t expect mainstream success, because of his fierce anti-establishment views, but that doesn’t worry him in the least. The joy he gets from playing his own music without compromise, with fellow musicians he respects, is its own reward.



    Theo Tahitu

    Magic Monday: in a short period of time, this open jam session grew to be the best, most fun session Amsterdam has to offer. The reason: house band Mosquito. Frontman Theo Tahitu leads the jam with his charismatic stage presence and ability to improvise. It’s a great success every single week, not just because of Theo’s interest and respect for every genre, but because he gives every jammer a fair chance to excell. Every week, the session ends on a high note, usually in an eclectic improv-session with unique sounds and many guest musicians. Theo’s carreer began at a very young age. He’s blessed with a musically gifted family. His father and brother John inspired young Theo to be a musician. He soon got intersted in influencial artists like Freddy Fender, The Eagles, Carlos Santana and Paco de Lucia. Artists that have made their mark on the sound of Theo and Mosquito. Nowadays, he finds inspiration in the music of Raul Midón. In his carreer, he has had the honor to open for Michael Franti & Spearhead and Mother’s Finest, two bands that are also very well represented in Mosquito’s distinct sound. Their long-awaited studio album is in the making. Until then, you can enjoy the many sounds of Theo Mosquito during Magic Monday!



    Steven de Geus

    He’s one of the most likable frontmen to play Bourbon Street. For some years, he’s been providing us with a colorful array of musical styles. With his band, The Music Collectors, he selects and performs some of the greatest songs in pop and rock history. It all stems from his musical upbringing. At the tender age of eight, he borrowed his neighbor’s guitar and immediately wrote his very first song in a matter of minutes. It would be the start of a life filled with music, in which the diverse nature of pop music would take centre stage, just like it does with The Music Collectors. His love for Bob Marley grows deep in the music of Steven, but he has many more heroes. AC/DC, Van Halen and early U2 in rock, Siouxsie & The Banshees in new wave, George Clinton and Sly Stone in funk, George Benson and Pat Metheny in jazz, and Donny Hathaway, Marvin Gaye and Bill Withers in soul. Even classical composers, such as Shubert and Chopin are a major source of inspiration. Over the course of time, John Mayer, N*E*R*D, Queens Of The Stone Age and D’Angelo have been added to this great list. His ambition is to continue making (and honoring) great music. Right now, he’s working on a reggae-jazz fusion project and in the near future, this singer-songwriter will release a solo album, on which undoubtetly, his eclectic taste will shine through. Until then you can sing, dance and party with the main man right here at Bourbon Street!



    Patrick Wiebers

    Patrick Wiebers is a man of positive vibes. Rarely will you see this Eindhoven born drummer without a wide grin and obvious pleasure sitting behind his kit. Music’s his live and this passion was enkindled at a very young age. Patrick grew up in Surinam, where he soon discovered the rhythmic sounds of Kawina music. It marked the starting point of a live filled with music. Beating the drums led to playing the guitar. The guitar to the bass, and from the bass back to the drums. At age fourteen, he was very sure: he was going to do what drummers such as Steve Gadd (Paul Simon / Steely Dan) and Dennis Chambers (Santana / Parliament / George Duke) did. Later, Tony Royster Jr. (En Vogue / Jay-Z) and ?uestlove (The Roots) would also join his list of inspirational figures. He made his first steps as a professional musician in gospel, playing with artists like Muriel Blijd, Uche Agu, Chy Kyra, Bergit Loïs, Pearl Josefzoon. He made the transistion to pop with Edsilia Rombley and Chaka Laisina, among others. Now, he drums in a vast variety of bands, such as Zwazi Soulsoup, TurboMonster, Chaka and Friends en de Isaac Bullock Band. Besides Jaxswing, Gintronix and Boombox, Patrick Wiebers can be seen in May with his Caribbean band Fearless (May 16th) and funky popgroup Sounds Funky (May 9th).




    Like so many natural talents, Kenny Bogan’s fascination with music started at a very young age. He made his first steps in the musical langscape on piano. Soon though, he would play the drums in his very first band. Combining classic rock and pop by the likes of David Bowie, U2 and Leonard Cohen, with the traditional sounds of Ireland were already strongly reperesented in this early formation. It wouldn’t take long before Kenny made it to centre stage and became the group’s lead vocalist. Countless shows in Dublin were to follow, but it wasn’t enough for the young singer-songwriter. Bursting with confidence, talent and ambition, he traveled to Amsterdam, where he managed to give direction to his talent, and grew as a singer, guitar player and writer of lyrics, poetry and fiction. However, his urge to travel was still not quenched and soon he took to Scotland and The US. With the help John Reynolds, who produced records for Sinéad O’Connor, Damien Rice and Herbie Hancock (to name just a few), he created the album The Skinhead And The Daisy in 2010. It followed his debut record Little Victories and sophomore lp 3 Colours, which he recorded and released independently. His love for his country and its music is unmatched. So is his admiration for the sounds of Paul Simon’s Graceland. The songs of which, he seamlessly combines with Irish folk and both vintage and modern pop gems. Experience his distinctive voice, unequivocal accent and irresistably positive attitude at Bourbon Street on Saturday, April 18th and Thursday, April 23rd!


    Luis Diaz

    The man’s a walking music encyclopedia. The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix, Queen, Lou Reed, you name them. You’ll hardly meet anyone more knowledgable about classic rock than Luis Diaz. This Argentinian drummer doesn’t just know everything there is to know about these legends, he’s also capable of reproducing their timeless songs. What’s more, he will always make sure it has his own distinct flavor. He does this in all the bands in which he plays. He drums in the band of Australian folk singer Ivan Waters, he’s one fourth of the eclectic cover band The Music Collectors, and he invites some of his many musical friends during his own show, Luis Diaz & Friends. His skills aren’t limited to rock alone. Reggae, afrobeat and many South-American styles can be found in his arsenal. He pays tribute to the king of reggae, Bob Marley with the band Reggae Revival. He also travels around the country on a near daily basis with his Rolling Beat Machine. All of Luis’ bands can be found regularly at Bourbon Street!



    GiorgioTo grow up in a musical family, it comes as no surprise that Giorgio Sitanala would strife to be a musician. His childhood heroes are the ones that still ispire him greatly. The most important figure was obviously his father. Being a musician himself, he taught young Giorgio everything there was to know about being an artist. Giorgio constantly tagged along to gigs and quickly learned the profession and the life. But he also learned from famous artists such as Ella Fitzgerald, Hennie Vrienten from Dutch pop group Doe Maar, James Brown, Marvin Gaye, Louie Armstrong, Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole and Jaco Pastorius. However, his favourite was of course Michael Jackson. Nowadays, Giorgio finds insiration in Prince, Stevie Wonder, D’Angelo Sharay Reed en Snarky Puppy. All these artists gave his talent direction. As the bass player for Jaxswing, Gintronix and many other formations, he manages to turn his infallible sense of rhythm into a groovy base. With funk band Jaxswing (which can be seen regularly at Bourbon Street), he traveled to Moscow for a benefit concert in honor of the orphans of the Russian capital. He also went to Rome for some studio sessions. By meeting new musicians, Giorgio makes sure he never stops learing and developing his own style. And of course he will pass his love for music on to his son Lukas, who was born only a few months ago.  



    For almost twenty five years, Jeroen van Niele is one of the most sought after bassist of the city. The blues has been his main inspiration for the last quarter of a century. He has worked, and is still working with some of the most important artists in the Dutch blues scene. He’s been a member of one of the most respected blues formations of the country for years: The Livin’ Blues Xperience. With this group, which is led by frontman Nicko Christensen, Jeroen travels through Europe constantly. Arthur Ebeling, Saskia Laroo, Freddie Cavalli, Gilian Baracs, Boris van der Lek, Dirk van der Wal, Michael de Jong, Billy O'Hara, Terry Mann, Lamar Chase, Pieter Engels, Nathan Hamilton and Rob Takema are just a few of his musical partners. Moreover, he teaches, produces and writes music. And he has contributed to various stage arts. Versatility is what the man is known for. Even though the blues is his cornerstone, he often displays his wide interest by playing rock, jazz, latin and many fusion styles. Apart from his natural, effortless way of playing, Jeroen’s bass solos are the thing that set him apart from all the others. Come and see one of Amsterdam’s best bassists when he lays down a solid foundation for Irish singer-songwriter Kenny Bogan or Californian blues veteran Lamar Chase! 


    Samir Bashir


    Our last Musician of the Month of this year is the youngest of the Bashir Brothers. Guitar player Samir and his brother, bass player Peter Sid, have been making music since they were children. To this day, they form a musical partnership. Samir’s musical journey started with a guitar Peter borrowed from a friend. When he was drafted in the Croatian army, he was forced to leave the instrument for a year. That was it for little brother Samir. Later on, Peter switched to bass and Samir would be the guitar’s new owner. A few years later, he joined the houseband of a well known Croation television program. The various musical guests opened his view of the world of music. There wasn’t a shortage of quality music in the Bashir household either. As children, Samir and Peter would listen to Nat King Cole, Ella Fitzgerald, Otis Redding and Janis Joplin. However, like most guitarists, Samir looked up to Jimi Hendrix the most. It the wake of this guitar god were artists and bands like Eric Clapton, Johnny Winter, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple and especially Santana. Ispiration is still of great importance in the carreer of Samir. In the broadest sense of the word. Opening yourself to new influences should, in his opinion be a key value of every guitarist. Robert Glasper, Arctic Monkeys and Animals As Leaders enrich the musical life of Samir ever more. As the lead guitarist of The Bashir Brothers, The Clocxs, G-Cool & The Brothers and The Hats, he can be seen often at Bourbon Street. 




    If you are a thirty-something, who started listening to music in the ninetees, chances are you heard a lot of music from this artist. Geronimo Latumeten had a big influence on many different artist from that decade. He worked on the last three records of legendary Amsterdammer and folk-crooner André Hazes. Geronimo’s a man with many interests and just as much talents. It’s not that strange really, because he’s been obsessed with making music from the tender age of three. Only three years later he received, as participant of the famous Dutch childrens programme Kinderen Voor Kinderen, his very first Gold Record. A flying start into the music biz. At eight, he started taking piano lessons and he would never leave the instrument’s side. With his school mate Adam Bar Pereg, he founded his first band at eleven and from there, his career really picked up. His sound was influenced by great artists such as Stevie Wonder, Prince, Afrika Bambaataa & The Soulsonic Force, Roger Troutman and many others. It paid off, because in 2010 he won the much sought-after SAE Musician Price at the prestigious Grote Prijs van Nederland award show. Soon, many great Dutch artists lined up to work with him. He did studiowork with singer Ruth Jacott, played with Willie Wartaal from hiphop group De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig and scored a top 20 hit with Lloyd de Meza, with the single Elke Stap. Today, he looks to artists like Pharrell Williams, Disclosure, Sam Smith and Robert Glasper for inspiration. What will the future bring? If it’s up to Geronimo himself, he will simply continue ot make great music and expand his project Jaxswing, which can be seen regularly at Bourbon Street.  



    Peter Sid

    Sidig Bashir grew up with his brother Samir in Croatia, next to a guitar player. Often, this friendly neighbor crancked up the volume of his amp so loud, there was no escaping it. Peter Sid (as we know him now) was instantly attracted by the pure and raw power of rock ‘n roll and it would not let him go. The first step was to buy a guitar, even if it would cost him his summer holiday. And that’s exactly how it happaned. While his friends were playing outside, Sid worked in a nearby factory, in order to finance his beloved instrument. Iconic bands like The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin and Jimi Hendrix were his earliest inspirations. However, from a young age, jazz had been a huge inspiration, especially John Coltrane. After he mastered the guitar, it was time for a new challenge: the bass. It’s the instrument to which he is now inextricably connected. Later he would also learn how to play the harmonica. His guitar, he gave to his brother Samir, who is now a very skilled guitarist. At this moment, bands like Sepultura and Black Label Society are his main sources of inspiration, and because of his many musical interests, he plays in many different bands. Through the years, these bands brought him to the far corners of the world. Sid’s played in more than eighty different countries, but at the end of the day, this ‘Afro-Croat’ (as he likes to call himself) stands with his feet firmly on the ground. He’s a very solid musician, who just as easily plays reggae, soca, funk and latin, as power-blues and rock. With his bands The Clocxs, The Hats and G-Cool & The Brothers he can be seen regularly at Bourbon Street. 




    When Miguel Padrón García, better known as ‘Miguelito’, formed latin-metal band Laberinto in 1989 with his friends Pablo Minoli, Raymundo Ceballos and Marco Toro, he could have never known his career would turn out the way it did. By moving to Amsterdam in 1992, he and his fellow Laberinto-members suddenly found themselves in a completely different position. No longer were they just another metal band, they now had something no other band had. With their mix of latin and metal they had something unique on their hands, and it didn’t take long before they got the exposure they deserved. Miguelito clearly understood what set the band apart in these new surroundings and switched from guitar to percussion, thereby emphasising the latin and Afro-Caribbean influences. Soon major festivals and venues throughout Europe saw their energetic live performances. To this day, Laberinto formes the central part of Miguelito’s work. Even though he has never been the kind to crave the spotlight, he has always been one of the most solid, equable and on-point musicians in any band. His latest project TenTemPiès is turning out to be something of a international phenomenon. It features the talent of (among others): drummer and former Musician Of The Month, Daniel Camacho (Kenny Bogan & The Lads, Little Mary, Ruben & The Jets) and bassist Nathaniel Klumperbeek (Nate Dizco). The success of this latin-ska band took them all the way to China and all across Europe. But Miguelito’s pure love for his profession can also be seen and heard every Monday, when he and his pals from Mosquito form the house band for our weekly open jam session, Magic Monday.



    Latin, jazz, rock ‘n roll, soul, Albert ‘Budi’ Lafontaine plays it all. But such versatility only comes with years and years of experience. And like most musicians, he started out with the guitar at a young age. He was only twelve years old, when he picked up his first guitar. From that moment on, his love for music was unequivocally stirred up. However, the four strings of the bass guitar turned out to suit him even better. His aptitude for rhythm secured the instrument to be his profession from that moment on. In the early years, his style was mainly influenced bij jazz-fusion. Weather Report, Miles Davis and Pat Methany all played a major part in his formative years. Jimi Hendrix was also an important figure in his musical journey and it was Hendrix’ repertoire that was the basis of his first three-piece. In the ninetees, he was nationally and internationally known for his work with Shabbick. This band scored high at de Grote Prijs van Nederland (one of the most prestigious talentshows in The Netherlands), and numerous European tours were soon to follow. For Budi, the time had come for a new challenge. He turned his fascination for the drums into reality by buying his first drumkit in the late ninetees. His sense of rhythm and precision are the key elements of his style. Even though he still plays the bass every once in a while, he has long been a trusty drummer in different bands. With singer/ guitarist Theo ‘Mosquito’ Tahitu and bass player Gregorio Rangel, he makes up the line-up for latin-soulband Mosquito. With this band he also hosts our weekly Open Stage on monday nights. 



    Born and raised in Amsterdam, guitar player Roy van Oost has been there and done that. Having played in countless local and international bands, he’s now one of the most reliable, versatile and stylish guitarists in the city. Understandably, we are proud he plays with quite a few Bourbon favorites, from Irish singer-songwriter Kenny Bogan to French rock ‘n roller Franck Carducci. Roy plays it all. With Italian vocalist Francesca Laneri he recently founded McFly And The Flux Capacitors. This fresh new rockband played their very first Bourbon-gig on April 30th and there will undoubtedly be many more to follow!



    For years, this seriously gifted bass player and expert sound engineer has been one of the most reliable bassists Bourbon Street has to offer. He lays down a groovy foundation to every kind of music. From rock to reggae and everything in between. Moreover, his bass solos can compete with the best in the biz! He’s the backbone to Steven de Geus’ soulful shows, makes up one fourth of The Music Collectors, and hosts his own gig with some special guests on April 22nd. All of these concerts can be seen this month at the one and only Bourbon Street!

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